Hey there, I'm Justin! I'm 21 and I'm kind of addicted to video games. Which is 90% of what you'll see on this blog, so I hope you like em too.
EDIT: Goddamit I'm 21 now and I still don't know what I'm doing with my life.
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↳ Guardians: TITAN//Armored engine of war

Their lightning-charged fists will knock you off your feet. Their armor and shields make them nearly invincible. We like to think they are our faceless knights, protecting us from our countless enemies. But their power and resolve gives them the air of rising gods.

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Hello everyone! I’ve reached a pretty crazy milestone (1.4k followers) in a few short months since converting to a gaming blog. I’ve already done one giveaway but this time I’m going to be GIVING AWAY A COPY OF DESTINY FOR ANY CONSOLE. Yup, that’s right, a physical copy of Destiny on your door step on release day (well, I can guarantee that for North American followers). I DID plan to give away a collectors or limited edition but they’re hard to come by but a copy of Destiny is the next best thing!


  • You must be following me. 
  • Reblogs count, you can reblog all you want and they will count.
  • Likes don’t count but feel free to like anyway.
  • No giveaway blogs, I’ll check.
  • Your ask must be open
  • You must feel comfortable with giving me your shipping address.
  • You must reply to the winning ask within 24 hours or I’ll choose someone else.

I’ll choose a winner September 6th using a number generator

Good luck!

Today is the last day, I’ll be picking the winner sometime tomorrow and I’ll send then a message. Have your asks open!

Alrighty so I’m going to allow entries til 5pm EST and I’ll MESSAGE the winner at around 5:30pm EST. Good luck nerds*~